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Josephine Herrick Project works with organizations across the greater New York metropolitan area to develop creative photography programs based on individual and group needs. JHP is happy to and responds to requests from a variety of agencies, schools, and institutions to initiate and nurture new or existing photography programs. With this in mind, we are always open to new ideas and encourage joint ventures and coalition building activities with other organizations. In addition to developing programs, we loan cameras, photographic equipment and provide paper and photographers, free of charge.

JHP is aware of and sensitive to the limitations of the ever changing populations that we serve. We research and take the time to match photographers and ideas with each group to ensure the most productive and positive experience for everyone involved.

As Ansel Adams  once said, “There are always two people in every picture:  the photographer and the viewer.”

So the goal is not to change your student photographer, but for the subjects and models to change the photographer in a positive way and give a voice and personal vision to each of them.