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Living Inside: A View from Creedmoor Psychiatric Hospital



Living Inside  By J.R. – a budding photographer and resident of Creedmoor Psychiatric Hospital



“My life living inside has many restrictions. I have to have a green pass to go off the ward and I even have to have certain levels to do things. I am lucky enough to have my own room, TV, and radio. Sometimes my ward gets really loud, so I go in my room to relax. I use the payphone everyday which allows me to stay connected with my family, friends, and loved ones.

The view outside of my bedroom windows shows the back of the main building powerhouse and the front shows Alley Pond Park. When I look out of the front window I can see people talking, coming into work, going and coming from lunch, and even people smoking. Visiting hours are everyday, even holidays, which is good.

When I first came to Creedmoor I couldn’t even go off the ward, I had no levels or privileges, and I was on the admissions ward for a month. Now, I am here on a different ward which I’ve been living on for 2 years and I’m ready to be discharged. I have the highest level an inpatient can receive which is level 4. I can now go outside the gate by myself, go home, attend AA meetings in the community, go shopping, and even spend time with the ones I love, as well as work.

When I get discharged, I plan to keep working, continue taking my meds, stay away from drugs and alcohol, and continue to remember where I came from and how far I made it, I want to continue looking forward rather than looking back”

–       Russell

About the author

Russell is a young adult who came to Creedmoor with mental health issues. As part of his recovery project, he learned to use a camera donated to the SNAP! Talk Photography Group by JHP to capture his environment and express his feelings. Russell is looking forward to leaving Creedmoor in the near future and hopes to continue using photography as part of his recovery process.

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