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About Our Volunteers

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Josephine Herrick Project. Josephine Herrick Project began its life as ‘Volunteer Service Photographers’. Volunteerism remains a core part of our mission. Josephine Herrick Project relies on volunteers as teaching photographers, videographers, administrative help, and event volunteers.

Teaching Photographers:

Teaching photographers are experienced professional photographers who give back by teaching photography programs in collaboration with Josephine Herrick Project community partners. Josephine Herrick Project works with a range of audiences including veterans, children, youth, seniors, People with physical, sensory and/or intellectual disabilities.

Teaching photographers must make a commitment to attend JHP professional development trainings held monthly, and teach at least one program per year. Programs range from 6 weeks to 10 weeks approximately 2 hours per week. Programs take place at Community Partners’ locations throughout the 5 boroughs. Teaching Photographers’ responsibilities include collaborating with the community partner and JHP staff to develop a curriculum; co-teach with another photographer; dump and catalogue program photos for delivery to JHP staff; and organize program- site exhibitions.


Professional videographers are needed to document Josephine Herrick Project photography programs, exhibitions and events throughout the city. Videographers must work with JHP staff to edit the footage for particular use (e.g. to include in a particular fundraising package).

Office Volunteers and Interns:

Josephine Herrick Project has a small staff and relies on volunteers and interns to help with day to day office work including filing, data input, social media management and help with upcoming events and exhibitions. Josephine Herrick Project takes interns from community partners throughout the year who learn photography and help with administrative duties.

Event Volunteers:

Josephine Herrick Project holds multiple events a year including a benefit photography auction; a participant awards ceremony; and mounts multiple exhibitions throughout the city. Event volunteers help set-up the events/install exhibitions, work at the event in various capacities that may include at a check-in table or information booth, and help take down the event. Event volunteers must be comfortable working with the public and diverse populations.

Apply to Become a Volunteer Here:  

For more information contact: Afiya Williams, Program Coordinator 212-213-4946


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